Regardless if you’re an avid uploader at YouTube, you’re familiar with the website and its streaming videos, from rants to raves to advice to lessons.

But for those who are hankering for a video with a vision, GoGreenTube might be the answer you’re looking for.

GoGreenTube was founded in March 2008, and launched soon after in June. Like YouTube, GoGreenTube strives to be the web location to share and view videos online, but with a twist of green. At GoGreenTube, videos are filled with important information about the environment, green technologies and innovations, and eco-friendly products and services.


Because of that, GoGreenTube provides a resource for companies, the government, and any individual to provide green-streaming quickly and easily.

A month after their launch, they enhanced their green stance by joining, a leading carbon offset organization. GoGreenTube partnered with’s CarbonFree program, pledging to offset one pound of carbon dioxide for every green video watched at

In order to keep track, viewers sign at, and each time they log in to watch a video, the community as a whole earns one carbon credit. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce CO2 emissions that we are responsible for.

GoGreenTube sets its videos in categories, including News, How to Be Green, and LOL-Funny, with something for everyone. Like YouTube, comments and ratings are enabled, allowing for others to share stories of green or rebuttal with their own opinion.

Some videos are longer, for example a detailed 22 minute cooking lesson in making Colombian Veggie Eggs Pericos, whereas the 30 second Carbon Footprint offers an advertisement brought to you from

GoGreenTube wants to connect consciousness and commerce and they successfully do. Not even a year since its launch, it’s growing rapidly, connecting awareness, interest, and saving the planet.

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