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Can real estate development help the environment?: Attachment

Real estate development is necessary for providing new homes for families across America.

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!: Attachment

To the majority of our readers, it is a holiday weekend, one that celebrates the birth of Canada on July 1st, and the the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th.

Happy Earth Day! (tips included): Attachment

Hello readers! Earth Day is upon us, and there are loads of great ways to give back to our planet today. From driving cleaner to eating vegetarian, little changes make a huge difference

Earth Day 2011: what to know: Attachment

Coming soon. April 22nd. Earth Day 2011. Earth Day 2011 is focused on the recognition of the power of millions of individual actions.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (plus vegan fondue!): Attachment

Ready to snuggle in with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Given the chilly weather, we recommend ditching the expensive dining reservations and going for something a little more cozy.

No hearts, no flowers, just love.: Attachment

We at ecoki love our eco-friendly company friends, especially around the holidays when they are delivering green, planet-lovin’ options.

Our favourite Hot Raw Chef!: Attachment

The Hot Raw Chef video recipe contest is under way! Together, our votes will decide who will be the The Next Raw Chef.

Happy New Year… drink sustainable champagne!: Attachment

See you later, 2010! Go on and celebrate tonight with friends, family, and loved ones… And while you’re at it, pop the cork for the eco-friendly champagne.

WWDSD? (Great Green Gift Guide Part II): Attachment

Sometimes we want to know WWJD? But when it comes to the environment, only David Suzuki knows. And although he doesn’t have a beard that’s long and white,

Traveling incentive from Greentique Hotels: Attachment

Love traveling? Better yet… Love traveling in the most eco-friendly way possible? Well, we’ve got a deal for you!