Can’t imagine your morning running smoothly with your freshly brewed cup of coffee? You’re not alone – in fact, according to the National Coffee Association, about 52%  of people drink coffee regularly, on average 3 to 4 cups of day.

Brewing your morning joe at home is an easy (and tasty, trust us) way to add a little more green into your daily regimen. Yes, switching from your favourite brew is sometimes difficult, but when a little extra care is put into the process, trust us, it tastes a lot better.

This extra care is delivered from organic and fair-trade distributors, who take a few extra steps to bring you the highest quality beans combined with sustainable choices. Coffee beans are the second most-traded global commodity, just second to oil. Buying fair-trade and organic, then, ensures that we are getting a cared-for product, and the farmers and manufacturers are cared for

Before you scoop your commercial brand into the canister (or if you like instant, right into the cup), read on how to what the certifications mean for your more sustainable morning selection.

USDA Organic coffee is minimally 95% organic, resulting in your coffee being nary of contaminates. Fertilizers, pesticides, and the like, cannot be used in the growing process (both on the land and product) and farming practices must improve the quality of the land.

Fair Trade
Most Fair Trade coffees are already organic. Fair Trade coffee ensures that the farmers not only receive a fair price for the goods, but the certification also ensures safe working conditions, prohibits child labour, and encourages community reinvestment.

Choosing an organic fair-trade certified coffee choice  will made a big impact on farmers and the earth. Most growers, too, are paid an incentive to keep it organic.

Not sure where to begin? Most companies offer blends and roasts you are probably already familiar with. If you’re keen on something light and smooth, opt for a breakfast blend. If you like it dark, choose something roasted. Read descriptions to see what might please your palate, and try a variety, knowing what you’re giving back in the process.

Here are a few to get you started on your sustainable sipping:

Coffee Klatch: Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend
Smooth and full-bodied, this brew has notes of caramel and chocolate.
$11.95 for 16oz.

Green Mountain Coffee: Fair Trade Organic French Roast
French roast has a sharp flavour, so if you like it intense, you’ll love this.
$8.50 for 10oz.,

Allegro Coffee Company: Mexican Zaragoza Select
With their well balanced, medium roast, the flavour isn’t overwhelming, but perfect to please any time of the day.
$11 to 12oz., Whole Foods brand

Terrior Coffee: Ethiopia Yirgachette Konga Cooperative
Lightly bodied and intense, floral and fruity, with a hint of lemon.
$17 for 12 oz.,

Have a favourite sustainable selection? Add it below!

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