From salvaged trees transformed into dining tables, to recycled glass reinvented into flooring, the recent Interior Design Show in Toronto highlighted some innovative designs developed into functional home furnishing.



PaperStone products are developed from recycled paper and post-consumer waste – primarily cardboard and standard office paper.

Boasting “steel-like strength in span” and a “stone-like beauty”, this innovative and cost-competitive company is a great alternative to granite.

And they look really slick.

The newest in fireplaces

EcoSmart™ Fire

Cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically appealing, this open fireplace is the next step in home warmth. Run by renewable green energy, it burns clean and is virtually maintenance free.

And with the selection they have to offer, there is a version for everyone.

Live's dining table

Live Edge Design

Hailing out of Vancouver, Live Edge Design is a company that salvages trees from storm damage or manual forest labour, their pieces resembles smooth carvings akin to contemporary sculpture.

Furniture is custom made, expertly crafted, finely finished and built to last.

Rustic but gorgeous, they’ll fit your home in the city, or your rural cottage up north.

Half-art/half-appliance, all eco-friendly


Say goodbye to bottled waste and hello to the Ovopur, the newest filter to fit in your eco-chic home. Using gravity to filter your tap water, it gives you fresh tasting water at the pull of a knob. The company is keen on recycling and reusing, and offers a rebate on refills.

Other models are available, to fit the needs of your home, adding ambiance to your space, and satisfying your thirst.

For more information, featuring past events and next year’s show, visit the Interior Design Show’s website.

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