We’ve often featured our favourite bamboo clothing and accessories, but we’ve yet to see it on much else. That’s why we were excited to check out ecoTools, an earth-friendly beauty line from the folks at Paris Presents.

The ecoTools 5-piece brush set is a perfect combination to meet your beauty needs. It include brushes for 5-piece-ecotoolspowder, concealer, eyes, and a kabuki, along with a reusable storage pouch, derived from 55% hemp and 45% cotton. It’s also printed with plant-based ink.

The mineral powder brush is designed specifically for eco-friendly, mineral make-up, a perfect natural alternative for those seeking great results with little impact on the environment. It contains cruelty-free hair, developed from synthetic taklon bristles that are soft, pliable, and feel like the real thing. They are soft, despite the assumption that they might be scratchy when synthetic, allowing you to create a smooth finish with ease.

The middle part of the brush – the ferrule – is made from recycled aluminum cans, and the handle is developed from bamboo, ensuring that each step is taken to result in a sustainable choice.

The other three brushes include the same attributes, giving you easy application for your liquid or mineral concealer, shadows, and powder.

All of the brushes were a cinch to clean – no bristles to fall out, no rusting, and no wear and tear (and believe us, we tried to wear and tear them).

They also included in our package a powder brush, retailing for $6, and embracing the same qualities as its bamboo-based brothers.

Generally when we hear organic, eco-friendly, and bamboo, we might also think of the price – after all, they aren’t your average dollar store finds. But ecoTools is extremely affordable – their whole line ranging only about up to $12.99! They also sell brow grooming kits, sponges, mini brushes, and bath accessories such as loofas, foot files, and sleep masks.

We always mention when companies take the extra step into planet and/or animal-friendliness. ecoTools is no exception, having partnered with One Percent For the Planet. This alliance has over 700 businesses that are committed to investing  into eco-friendly alternatives to create a healthier planet. One percent of the sales from ecoTools goes towards various organizations developing ways to aide in the environment.

ecoTools also gives us a green tip on each bag, keeping you in the know with ways to weigh the pros and cons of how you live your day. We learned:

“Find ways to reduce your impact. On average, a person uses 4.4 pounds of slid waste each day. This adds up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year.” and “Take your own cloth bags to the store instead of using plastic and paper bags. Reduces waste and requires no additional energy.” Thanks, ecoTools.

5 piece brush set
Includes: 4 high-quality brushes inside a natural cotton & hemp linen bag
• Soft and cruelty-free bristles developed from synthetic taklon
• Developed from natural and recycled materials
• Bamboo handle has a low planet-impact
• Ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.
• Cosmetic case manufactured from natural cotton and hemp

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