Interested in conserving energy? Seems like  a common theme these days, whether it’s to reduce your environmental impact or save money, more homes are keeping tabs on the energy their home consumes.

And a simple solution? ecobee gives you an easy way to do it. A company dedicated to making energy-saving happen, the new ecobee Smart Thermostat gets the job done.
ecobee Smart Thermostat
What is a smart thermostat?
This digital programmable thermostat lets you customize your home  temperature needs to save on heating and air conditioning costs.

What makes it so smart?
Because of it’s wireless internet connection (WiFi),you can closely monitor and control it from your home computer, through a personalized web portal.

What does it look like?
You won’t mind having the Smart Thermostat in your house, with its full-colour interface with bright, easy-to-read graphics.

How does it work?
With its touch screen and internet connection, it can be accessed easily and from anywhere. A “Wizard” function creates a step-by-step guide for programming with ease.

How much will it save me?
According to studies from the Environmental Protection Agency, a programmable thermostat can save homeowners up to 20%.

What can I do on the web portal?
Not only can you program and configure your choices, but you can also control it from anywhere you have internet access. That means, your trip to Tahiti won’t drain your home’s energy if you leave your heat blasting in January – just log in and make the changes. Simple as that.

You can also use local weather information to correspond with your thermostat choices, get email alerts if there if your system detects a problem, and communicate with others in their built in community.

ecobee stands by their environmental concern, by ensuring they are the greenest of companies. From telecommuting to virtual meetings, encouraging employees to bike to work, having an 100% bullfrog powered building and an office composting program (among many others), they truly have set high eco-standards that they’ve surpassed.

About ecobee
A Toronto-based company founded in 2007, ecobee is dedicated to delivering intelligent conservation solutions for real people. Their product platform is based around The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™. Whether you a single family home or small commercial business, ecobee is designed with conservation in mind.
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Image courtesy of ecobee.

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