Visiting Victoria, British Columbia is already an amazing trip in itself. But add whale watching to the mix, and you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget.

If you’re planning on heading over to Victoria for a getaway, we have to tell you: make a stop at Eagle Wing Tours while you’re there. Although there are other whale watching opportunities in the area, we love this one for their eco-friendliness, making them the top choice for Victoria, BC whale watching and Vancouver Island, BC whale watching.

A Carbon Neutral Company

What makes them eco-friendly is that Eagle Wing Tours is Canada’s first carbon-neutral eco whale watching tour company. Since December of 2009, Eagle Wing tours has taken to an environmental commitment while thriving as a leader of whale watching in Victoria and Vancouver Island.

They understand that the threat of global warming is a serious one; in turn, they have offset one hundred percent of their corporate emissions for the last two years. In 2010 along, they offset 317 gross metric tonnes of greenhouse gases alone!

Making it Happen

To get started on this endeavour, they hired a company named Dcarbon8. Dcarbon8 is a professional third party company that helps reduce a company’s carbon emissions and improve their bottom line. They do this by measuring the carbon footprint of the company, delivering a report, providing the company with strategies and plans, publicly highlighting progress, and help with selecting an offsetter.

Eagle Wing Tours took this with stride, and continues to have their carbon footprint evaluated each year based on the total amount of carbon they produce. They balance this by purchasing carbon offsets from Offsetters, a Vancouver-based company that helps organizations and individuals understand, reduce and offset their climate impact.

The carbon offset investments that Eagle Wing Tours makes are in new technologies which, in turn, are implemented in other businesses that reduce their own green house gas emissions.

And what do you get out of it? A cleaner, fresher environment, the great feeling of supporting a carbon neutral business, and some awesome Vancouver Island whale watching.

Reducing the footprint

Because of this initiative, Eagle Wing Tours effectively reduced their carbon footprint by:

  • Reducing emissions with new Mercury Verado 4 stroke engine technology and Volvo Penta D9 diesel engines. Compared to older models that they used, as well as models of other companies, these engines are more fuel efficient, cleaner, and quieter.
  • Decreasing the amount of underwater noise with Arneson Twin Disc surface propulsion technology, making it less intrusive for sealife.
  • Minimizing wake (waves) with all-new “scarab” and “catamaran” hull designs. This also reduces shore erosion while providing a smoother ride, benefiting both tourists and the environment.

In addition to these changes, Eagle Wing Tours also is the sponsor for many environmental initiatives. These include:

  • Educating thousands of people about the Salish Sea and its many inhabitants
  • Supporting research on wildlife such as Southern Resident Killer Whales, through the Orca adoption programs
  • Supporting local educational programs at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, Race Rocks ecological Reserve
  • Supporting salmon stream rehabilitation programs, the Pacific Salmon Foundation for long-term improvement of prey for the whales
  • Supporting salmon enhancement projects at Jacks Brook Hatchery and Sooke Salmon Interpretive Centre for food supply for the whales

Even further, Eagle Wing Tours continues to improve and work toward helping the environment, both with a low-impact boat design with continual maintenance, simple daily business practices that promote a healthier planet, continued support of local community fundraisers, and a strict adherence to the best whale practices possible.

If you’re looking for a vacation that is the perfect combination of sustainability and fun, definitely check out the crew at Eagle Wing Tours. Whale watching in Victoria, BC, and whale watching in Vancouver Island are must-dos anyway, so you must do them the right way by going with the most eco-friendly option.

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