Reducing the use of energy-draining exercise equipment is an excellent way to move towards eco-exercise. But it doesn’t have to be equipment free. In fact, it can even double as an attractive addition to your home.

No, not a skipping rope (although it does, indeed, offer a load of fitness for about 10 bucks), but instead the WaterRower.


The WaterRower takes rowing machines to the next level, and then some. A combination of rustic attractiveness with an energy independent system developed from sustainable materials, these exercise machines are designed with everyone from the elite rower to new exerciser in mind.

water-rower1Unlike electric rowers, the resistance is supplied by the WaterFlywheel, which emulates a boat moving through water. (Just like REAL rowing). It’s naturally self-paced, with self-regulating resistance. It provides an automatic even, smooth stroke, and built to strengthen posture and core.

With a soothing flow of water, akin to nature-sounds CDs, the WaterRower can be placed in any room of the house without disrupting others. “The WaterRower will enable me to feed my rowing neurosis without polluting the family space with a metallic chain noise or an intruding high pitched fan whistle.,” explained Olympic Gold Medalist Xeno Muller.

Martin Cross, a well-known rowing commentator and past Olympic Gold Medalist agrees that it is top-notch:

“The Holy Grail for all ergo makers is to find a product that somehow captures the feel of rowing in a boat: a smooth ‘catch’; a resistance that loads their body just like it does in a boat and a recovery phase that simulates the glide a rower experiences as the boat moves under them. In over twenty five years of rowing, I’ve tried all that the market has to offer and there’s only one that comes close to capturing the essence of the sport: Water Rower.

Explaining just how good it feels, is a challenge to anyone who’s never been out in a boat but here goes. I’m on the Water Rower, paddling hard enough to work up a sweat. The pick up feels right, I know it won’t stress my lower back, like other ergos seem to, so I let my kids use it when they want. What’s more, I feel good on something made of wood; like I’m in the wooden boat I never owned. As I close my eyes and listen to the gentle swoosh of the water, my mind puts me in a shell, gliding over the calm surface of a beautiful lake. I smile and open my eyes. By the end of my work out I know that this machine is the nearest thing to rowing. My whole family, is happy for it to be part of the furniture in my home.”waterrower-monitor

The WaterRower is no larger than any other rowing machine, and can be stored upright against the wall. The design is sculpture-like and when standing up, takes about 2 square feet up in space.

The monitor (that comes with some models) displays intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, a predefined work zone, distance, and duration; so you aren’t missing out on features that are found normally in rowing machines. And designed for home, commercial, medical and rowing use, they have versions for everyone.

They run from $895 (sans monitor) to about $1795 (with monitor) plus shipping (about an extra $200-300 in Canada).

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