Our friends at the Rainforest Alliance are the ultimate contenders in doing good for our Earth. From certifying farms with their Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, to helping students of all ages understand the role we play in biodiversity conservation, to further research on climate and forestry, the are truly making a difference in what we can do for the environment.

So surely, it doesn’t stop there on Earth Day, our one day officially noted to celebrate our planet.

For Earth Day 2010, they are asking their online communities to think about the small actions that they can take to make big changes. Things like remembering to turn your lights off when you leave a room, or purchasing coffee beans that come from farms with environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, are among their suggestions. We at ecoki also suggesting swapping your car for your bicycle, eating  a plant-based meal, and using a reusable water-bottle for your H2O.

They are also asking people to help raise awareness by ‘badging’ themselves green. This means changing their social network profile pictures to a unique Earth Day badge.

Visit the Rainforest Alliance’s website for more information on how to get your own badge, or check out their Facebook page, too.

If you have a blog post dedicated to your Earth Day initiatives, please share it below!

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