With the current recession, we’ve seen a growth in prices in everything from fuel to food. While most families and individuals are trying to save where they can, not all businesses and organizations can follow suit.
organic-dairy-cowThe New York Times recently posted an article about the tribulations of staying organic when costs are at an all time high. And when you have an organic dairy farm? Even worse.

Like everything else, the price of organic feed increased, and with more people opting to buy conventional milk over organic, orders begin to dwindle.

According to the New York Times, most processors are talking of shutting down; the larger ones are following suit of many other companies: cutting contracts, pay, and production. Among these are Organic Valley, a nationwide cooperative, who  saw sales drop to near zero.

Although some say sales are hopeful for the rest of the year, many disagree. Organic whole milk sales have decreased 2.5% since last February, and organic reduced-fat milk has decreased 15%, according to The United States Department of Agriculture.

Many farmers are turning to conventional and raw sales, instead, in order to increase their income.

A shame, really, losing a part of the organic market – one that farmers work hard to bring to their consumers.

Read the full story here.


Image courtesy of earthfirst.com, from Flickr User Royalty-Free Image Collection

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