It’s no question that yogawear isn’t just for yogis and yoginis anymore. Instead, it’s become the comfort clothing staple, with fabrics and styles that can easily take you to the gym, office,  grocery store, or even to  bed.

yogoComfort may be the key to these body-loving clothes, but when you combine that with planet-friendly materials that come in beautiful colours and designs… Well, you know you have a product worth wearing every day in every way.

YOGO clothing is no exception, combining eco-friendly practices with fine-looking fabrics in a style to suit anyone. Ottawa-based designer Jo-Ann Oosterman first developed the line in 2001 when she wanted a comfortable pair of pants that were easy to care for, and free of any synthetic material.

Fast forward to 2008, where YOGO has greatly expanded, offering tops, skirts, shorts, and capris in addition to the original pants. In addition to breathable stretch cotton clothing, she also offers Eco-friendly fabrics, among them soy and bamboo. The eco-friendly fabrics fill the majority of her line, with only 2 of the 19 made from conventional cotton. Soy, bamboo, and other materials tally up the rest.

But as you browse, keep this in mind. Her website provides consumers a little advice:

“A Word of Caution: When you first put on your YOGO Soy and Bamboo clothing, you will either feel naked or as though you are wearing lingerie. When these fabrics first touch your skin, it may even feel taboo to wear them outside of your home. You’ll be happy to know the feeling of walking around in your undies will pass. Once you’ve experienced the liberation these fabrics provide, you’ll want to wear them all the time, in yoga class, at the gym, on your run and everywhere in between.”

Well, this intrigued  us at Ecoki; after all, nothing says comfort like walking around in our undies. Jo-Ann kindly gave us the opportunity to test out the Soy Capris and Bamboo Long Sleeved Stretch Top.capris2

Soy Capris

You’d never realize the quality of soy until you wear it – these capris are soft and breathable, with just a hint of stretch, and a load of comfort. They naturally drape over your body, falling into the right places, regardless of your body type.

We tested them through a variety of activities – every day wear, yoga, fitness, and sleeping, and they stood up to the job, no matter what they were put through. The soft, breezy fabric was perfectly breathable while breaking a sweat, but didn’t cling or cause discomfort. Regardless of any yoga position I twisted myself into, they stayed in place, not once threatening to shimmy down my waist while performing a headstand, or exposing too much skin while folding forward.

Notable is the fabric’s ability to bounce back. After a few nights of sleeping in them, they were in perfect shape, not stretched into a size too large. We also threw them in the hamper, tossed a few clothes and towels over top, then pulled them out the next morning for yoga – and they lost the few wrinkles they had on the drive over.

So why soy? Her website tells us that these fibres are made from the excess from the soy food industry, and because the plant is easily renewable and the fibre biodegrades quickly, it has minimal eco-impact.

They come with a 3-inch waistband, adding a little extra style and comfort, to cater to those who prefer lower or higher waisted styles. They also are available with or without a slit in the back of the leg.

Available in: khaki green, black night, slate grey, cloud cream, cocoa brown, budding green
$72 with slits, $66 without slits. XS – XL.

Bamboo Long Sleeve Top

Chances are, bamboo is not one of the fabrics that readily makes its way into your wardrobe. Like soy, bamboo is super soft, sustainable, and beautiful to boot, offering a clean, almost sheen-like quality to it.

And like soy, bamboo is minimally harmful to the planet; because it grows quickly, it requires zero chemicals or irrigation, and can also quickly biodegrade.

The shirt falls over the body in the same way that the capris do, offering a satiny comfort that will take you through any activity. With its long sleeve, and wide neckline, it offers a little elegance combined with a functional piece of fashion. The sleeves are slightly belled, and left with raw hems, which give an added touch of natural simplicity. Notable are the sleeve lengths – as someone who personally struggles with finding shirts to fit my long arms, they brushed my wrists in a perfect fit (which is lucky for my lanky limbs).

It was also light and breathable enough to wear during a cooler morning at yoga, but its beautiful, pale hue lasted through my errands and the rest of the day.

66% Bamboo, 14% Organic Cotton, 14% Cotton, 6% Spandex; Available in Dusty Plum, Cloud Cream, Black Night, Cameo Pink, Mauve, Turquoise
$45, available XS-XL

Yogo also offers men’s yoga clothing, dresses, skirts, and yoga mat bags. Visit her website at for more information.

Interested in learning more about bamboo fabrics? Check out the Bamboo Fabric Store, offering a wealth of information, fabric for purchasing, and free samples.

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