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Greener flying machines for NASA: Attachment

NASA is hitting the drawing board for revamping their current aircrafts to make better fuel-driven machines to be built by the year 2025.

Quick dinner ideas: Stir-fries: Attachment

Throwing together some protein, vegetables, and giving them a quick blast in a wok is a quick and easy answer to a healthy, balanced dinner.

How to reduce household food waste: Attachment

When you really think about it, how much food waste are you accumulating in your household? Do you ever clear out your fridge thinking, “er… what is that?”

Peru, Kenya top scorers in sustainable coffee: Attachment

In December, the Rainforest Alliance held their annual Cupping for Quality event, and we have the results to share! The short version: Peru and Kenya are on top!

Can’t stand the cold? Blame the summer.: Attachment

If you’re getting sick of the cold weather, you can blame the hot summer that just passed. New research suggests that particularly hot summers cause really cold winters.

Our latest most-loved eco-related apps: Attachment

Everyday, more and more apps are developed, and we love that a lot of them are environmentally centric. Though we’ve talked about this before, we’ve nailed some new favorites.

The health benefits of maple syrup: Attachment

Mid-winter is a delicious time of year to satisfy your sweet tooth with maple syrup, a wonderful sweetener that  comes straight from the sap of the sugar, black, or red maple tree.

Spuds are super, and here’s why (recipes included): Attachment

Potatoes get a bad rap for being “high in carbohydrates”, but here’s the truth: they’re actually good for you. Really!

Study finds high risk earthquake locations: Attachment

A new study has broken some important ground in the way we analyze the earth: how to spot high risk earthquake locations and what triggers them.

Caribou Coffee first to source 100% RAC farms: Attachment

An exciting achievement in our midst: Caribou Coffee has become the first coffeehouse in the US to source all of its coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.