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Panda poo might provide biofuels: Attachment

Other than keeping our bodies regular and adding to the compost, we don’t think much past possible uses of human and animal poop. But new research suggests we should.

Laundry detergent may emit hazardous chemicals: Attachment

Do you use scented laundry detergent? Fabric softener? Dryer sheets? You might want to think of alternative options.

Pancakes: the perfect back-to-school breakfast: Attachment

Who doesn’t love that perfect pancake, smothered in pure maple or fruit syrup, fresh from the skillet, and made with love?

Eco-friendly windshield wiper fluid solutions: Attachment

Looking for a better solution for your keeping your windshields clean? You know, something non-toxic and works like a charm?

PVC-free back-to-school gear: Attachment

Time for pencils, time for books, time for teacher’s dirty looks… also known as Back to School Time.

Take note with ecojot: Attachment

We’d love to see the world reduce their paper use – despite recycling initiatives, we’re still using up an awful lot of trees.

Grade twos go green: Attachment

What happens when you have a grade two class and you ask them how they go green? After many shout-outs of: “we recycle!” and “we shut off the lights!”, we brainstormed a bit to dig a little deeper into how they dig mother earth at home.

Triple Bottom Line investing 101: Attachment

Are you looking to balance financial, social, and environmental returns in your investing? Then Triple Bottom Line investing might be the choice for you.

Promote eco-awareness with Mediacore: Attachment

If you’re an eco-company looking to spread awareness through a new medium, check out Mediacore, a new video publishing platform that puts you in charge.

Best BBQ idea: grilled pizza: Attachment

We’ve grilled our stuffed peppers, our zucchini and kabobs, and our corn. But we’re craving pizza. And the grill is the way to get it.