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Organic cigarette ads go up in smoke: Attachment

A tobacco company that focuses on renewable energy and hybrid vehicles has launched a new magazine ad for an “eco-friendly” cigarette.

Don’t throw these away! Recycle instead.: Attachment

Although we know generally what to recycle: paper, plastic, cans, and glass, there are many things we’re probably throwing away that we shouldn’t!

New Levi’s designed for the cycling commuter: Attachment

Popular denim company Levi’s have launched a line of their signature looks specifically designed with the urban cyclist in mind.

Vegan on the grill: stuffed peppers: Attachment

When we think of putting our dinner on the grill, we don’t normally head toward vegan fare. Instead, a thick-cut rib eye seems to be the main dish that comes to mind.

Storing solar energy for later use: here’s how: Attachment

A new way to store the sun’s heat is using modified carbon nanotubes. These can store solar power indefinitely, later to be recharged by the sun.

The best eco-apps for iPad and iPad2: Attachment

So you’ve got an iPad or iPad2 and you’ve downloaded a myriad of apps. But do you have any green ones on that list? It’s about time you do.

6 ways to save at the grocery store: Attachment

When you’re making your way throughout the grocery store, are you really thinking about what you’re buying?

The Low-Flow Toilet: Attachment

Toilets use a lot water to get the dirty work done. However, with the advent of low-flow toilets, we can save loads, making it more efficient and saving energy, too.