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Is eating local helping the environment?: Attachment

We’ve heard it over and over: eating local is good for the environment. Less travel, less toxins, supporting our farmers. It can’t get better than that… right?

9 ways to save money on vacation: Attachment

Although some vacations are inevitably expensive at the purchase point, there are loads of ways to save money once you’re there enjoying the beach, exhibits, or local culture.

Becoming a little more eco-chic: Attachment

Looking for ways to become more eco-fashionable? It doesn’t take much other than a few tweaks of your wardrobe and your mind.

Rainforest Alliance 2011 Gala Honorees: Attachment

We are pleased to announce this year’s gala honorees, those who are leaders in sustainability. Whether they’re producing greener products or are a planet-friendly company, they’re making a difference

Newly found asteroid is Earth’s BFF: Attachment

A team of astronomers have recently discovered an asteroid that has been following Earth around in the same motion about the Sun for at least 250,000 years.

Baking the perfect cheesecake (recipe included!): Attachment

With spring and summer fruits right around the corner, nothing says delicious dessert like a baked cheesecake highlighting their delicious bounty.

New eco-inspired iPad app for kids!: Attachment

We sure love our technology, and when it comes to saving the environment, it’s even better when they go hand-in-hand.

Spring produce 101: Attachment

Ah, yes. Spring is finally, well, springing. And nothing is better than the produce that comes along with it.

Fog harvesting could bring water to poor: Attachment

New fog harvesting processes may help make water more available to the world’s poor. Engineer Shreerang Chhatre is exploring fog harvesting,

Top 5 benefits for raised garden beds: Attachment

Looking for a new way to garden this year? Look no further than a few changes to the environment you plan to grow in.