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Ozone hole affecting equator, too: Attachment

Researchers at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science have reported that the ozone hole has affected circulation around the entire Southern Hemisphere, all the way to the equator.

The Rainforest Alliance launches the SmartLodge: Attachment

Interested in learning how sustainable travel and tourism benefits local communities? The Rainforest Alliance is giving us the details, along with

42 ways to help the environment: Attachment

Trying to figure out some easy ways to help the environment? Look no further. These sixty-two ways are simple solutions to helping the Earth without making much of a change!

Happy Earth Day! (tips included): Attachment

Hello readers! Earth Day is upon us, and there are loads of great ways to give back to our planet today. From driving cleaner to eating vegetarian, little changes make a huge difference

See you later winter… Hello spring!: Attachment

Looking forward to spring? So are we. And depending where you are, perhaps you haven’t really seen it yet. We sure haven’t.

How to love Broadway: Attachment

What’s great about the arts is the way that it gives back to those who take the time to bring it to you. And giving back to those who work hard is a sustainable way to live.

Earth Day 2011: what to know: Attachment

Coming soon. April 22nd. Earth Day 2011. Earth Day 2011 is focused on the recognition of the power of millions of individual actions.

8 all-natural ways to get to sleep: Attachment

You’re exhausted and staring at the clock. Trying to head to bed early, you crawl in at around 9:30pm. And so it goes, as the time clicks past 10pm… Then 11pm… Then 1am… And so on.

Team creates lobster shell golf balls: Attachment

We’ve talked about eco-friendly golf balls before (read here), but a new set of balls are hitting the market – this time, made of lobster shells.

Eco-friendly earphones by thinksound: Attachment

We sure love our music. iPods and MP3 players are quite constantly plugged into our ears. Unfortunately, they aren’t exactly made of 100% eco-friendly materials. But don’t worry – your earphones can be.