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GMO salmon. Would you eat it?: Attachment

“AquaBounty is a biotechnology company dedicated to the improvement of productivity in aquaculture.” They are also dedicated to making some GMO-salmon.

Permafrost accelerating global warming: Attachment

Sure, we love the warmer weather. But up to two-thirds of the Earth’s permafrost may see it’s last days by 2200. This is a result from the warming temperatures, which is letting out large quantities of carbon into the atmosphere.

New Delhi sees eco-friendly rickshaws: Attachment

A new initiative in New Delhi: a state-of the-art, zero-emission rickshaw, replacing cycle and auto varieties… and with some cool features, too.

Green kitchen renovation: Attachment

The new year often brings about two things: (1) Resolutions that we (always/sometimes/never) keep for our (health/body/mind/life). And (2) house organization and renovations.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (plus vegan fondue!): Attachment

Ready to snuggle in with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Given the chilly weather, we recommend ditching the expensive dining reservations and going for something a little more cozy.

No hearts, no flowers, just love.: Attachment

We at ecoki love our eco-friendly company friends, especially around the holidays when they are delivering green, planet-lovin’ options.

Our favourite Hot Raw Chef!: Attachment

The Hot Raw Chef video recipe contest is under way! Together, our votes will decide who will be the The Next Raw Chef.