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Epcot International Flower & Garden Fest: Attachment

If you’re planning on heading into Walt Disney World from early March to mid-May, you’re in for a floral-filled treat.

Vegetarian secret weapons: Attachment

In the last few years, there has become a trend to label some types of food as “superfoods”. These superfoods include cranberries, acai berries, blueberries, bilberries, among many others.

Bamboo towels from American Family Naturally: Attachment

Soft. Supple, even. Wrapping yourself in luxury just got easier with a super comfortable line of bamboo-based towels, making bath time just that much better.

Going green on Valentine’s Day: Attachment

It’s right around the bend… That quintessential love-filled day. You know the one… Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, all those useless red, pink and white cards can do a little damage to the environment, too.

Sinus must-have: Neti Pot Salts: Attachment

Neti pots are a godsend. Really. With their simple, streamlined design and ease of use, they’re an all-natural solution to combating sinus congestion. If you’re unfamiliar with this wonder, check out the details in our article Clearing your nose with a neti pot.

Treadmills: the winter runner’s best friend: Attachment

I’m a runner. And although I own some cozy outdoor running gear, I don’t particularly love the winter.

Four pipin’ hot vegan soup recipes: Attachment

It’s cold out. And if it’s not cold where you are, well, then we’re a little jealous. But nothing says “warm me up” like a cozy bowl of soup, chock full of our favourite ingredients.

Eco-friendly home improvements: Attachment

Although our country has been through one of the worst economic recessions, and consumer spending has slowed to a trickle of what it was a few years ago, I don’t think Americans

Your coffee and the environment: Attachment

Mmm… Your delicious, smooth morning coffee. Can’t imagine waking up without it, right? Well, do you know the impact that your coffee makes to the environment? And what about the workers producing those beans?

Steeping and sipping: the tea low-down: Attachment

Beating out pop and juice,and even coffee, tea is the choice drink for the majority of folks in the world, next to good ol’ H2O. According to The Tea Association of Canada,  Canadians consume