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Happy New Year… drink sustainable champagne!: Attachment

See you later, 2010! Go on and celebrate tonight with friends, family, and loved ones… And while you’re at it, pop the cork for the eco-friendly champagne.

Merry Christmas from!: Attachment

It is finally upon us. Happy holidays and merry Christmas from the crew at!

Get married and help the planet, too: Attachment

Getting married doesn’t mean that you have to stop being green, too. In fact, weddings produce an awful lot of waste and energy, and wreak havoc on the planet in a lot of ways.

Four great eco paper gift wrap alternatives: Attachment

I can’t lie. I really, really like Christmas gift wrap. I love looking at the glowing Santas, oh-so-jolly, and the glittery snowflakes, sprinkled gracefully on the paper. In my heart I know it’s a waste – but my holiday spirit tells me otherwise.

Gifts <$20... The Great Green Gift Guide Part III: Attachment

We love gift giving around the holidays, but sometimes it can be a little much… especially for our wallets. But who can deny the warmth we feel with our brother/daughter/friend/hair stylist’s

WWDSD? (Great Green Gift Guide Part II): Attachment

Sometimes we want to know WWJD? But when it comes to the environment, only David Suzuki knows. And although he doesn’t have a beard that’s long and white,

Great Green Gift Guide (Part I): Attachment

Giving gifts is one of the greatest part of the holidays; who can deny how great it is to see someone you love opening up a carefully chosen gift just for them?