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Organic batteries?: Attachment

A new development of organic batteries is paving the way to a toxin-free alternative. Chemists have discovered a new way to pass the electrons between two molecules to create the earth-friendly charge.

Top 6 greener, vegan school lunches: Attachment

So, you’re back at school. Or your kids are. And it’s time to get in the kitchen, five evenings a week, and pack up that lunch for the next day’s noontime feast. Sandwich. Snack. Drink. Fruit. Done.

Roasted Green Bean and Arugula Salad: Attachment

With beans still at their peak, you’re probably running out of ways to prepare them. Step away from simple steaming, and can the hot casseroles. This salad is refreshing, simple, and elegant, with a few extra ingredients to give it a real flavorful punch.