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Hot looks for Fall from Hemptress: Attachment

While on the lookout for some of the hottest looks for fall, we turned to the folks at Hemptress for what they had on tap.

Are GMOs an eco-friendly choice?: Attachment

Is it possible to go green and eat genetically modified foods? Does “eco-friendly cuisine” correspond with cross-contaminated organisms? Let’s get the facts straight.

Cleaning aids found in the kitchen: Attachment

Everyday ingredients can do double duty in cleaning your home. By utilizing foods found in the pantry, you not only help out the environment, but also your health and your wallet.

Three fruit pies you’ll love: Attachment

With the fruit season at its peak, there’s no question what should be the dessert of choice: fresh fruit pies highlighting local, flavor-filled goodness.

P&G goes a little greener: Attachment

The mass market household good and makeup supplier is making some greener strides, with its recent announcement of the launch of new environmentally friendly packaging for a few of its top brands.

The Green Building Brain: Attachment

Tim Berners-Lee not too long ago made a TED conference speech about the future of the World Wide Web. He claimed that the future is not in the flashy games and movies etc., but in databases.

Our favourite Earth-Friendly crafts: Attachment

Have a little extra time on your hands? We recommend getting a little crafty. With a small slew of materials, a bit of creativity, and a few hours, you can transform anything from basic into beautiful.

Meat-Free Monday… are you in?: Attachment

Between reusable bags, commuting on bikes, and composting, we’re already taking the right steps to help the environment. And now, there’s another thing to add on your list of to-do’s.