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Organic pesticides not always the best choice: Attachment

Choosing the organic route leads us to think we’re doing something better for ourselves and the environment. But researchers at the University of Guelph are countering that idea with a recent study proclaiming this might not be so.

Radish and Roasted Potato Salad with Hemp Dressing: Attachment

Taking advantage of fresh local radishes, this salad delivers a double dose of hemp, paired with roasted potatoes for added creaminess.

Organic wines: distilling the truth: Attachment

For several months, one organic wine – Releaf, a South African wine – sat alone on a shelf in my local supermarket. Then practically overnight, an entire section was relabeled “Organic Wines” and stocked with an array of options.

DIY Recycled Mosaic Art: Attachment

Nothing spruces up a room like a good art piece. For me, mosaics always do the trick. Be it a mosaic table top or a mosaic-tiled flower pot, mosaics add a lot of life and vibrancy wherever they may be placed.

Classic Rhubarb Pie – get it before it’s gone!: Attachment

Nothing says loving our planet like taking advantage of seasonal produce. So what’s better to highlight our planet than the almighty vegetable of choice?