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Odwalla launches 2010 Plant-a-Tree program: Attachment

We’re excited to announce the 2010 launch of Odwalla’s Plant a Tree Program. 200,000 new trees will be planted across all fifty US states – the program’s biggest year yet.

Nail polish know-how and the “Toxic Trio”: Attachment

Most women in our culture enjoy a routine “mani/pedi” at the nail salon. Nowadays, nail salons are ubiquitous with quite an affordable selection of services, which makes it easy for almost all women, regardless of income level, to enjoy this beauty indulgence. 

Rainforest Alliance honours leaders in conservation: Attachment

Our good friends at the Rainforest Alliance have officially announced the honorees of their 2010 Rainforest Alliance Gala. There are a load of companies and folks who show leadership in sustainable farming, forestry and tourism, and the annual gala honours their efforts.

Energy-friendly dirt (and geothermal heating): Attachment

Everyone is looking for ways to green their house and save money. This is the case with geothermal heating. Here in Canada, it is not uncommon to walk into a friend’s house and see the temperature resting around mid to high teens.

Natural deodorant know-how: Attachment

Traditional deodorants contain ingredients like aluminum that may be carcinogens, may complicate pregnancy, exacerbate allergies, or even contain ingredients that haven’t been evaluated for safety.


I love fiddleheads, and when I see them in the grocery stores and markets, I know for sure that Spring has arrived. These little green veggies, hailing from the Eastern side of North America, get their name because they resemble the neck of a fiddle.

Seven frugal Mother’s Day ideas: Attachment

Sometimes the best things in life truly are free – one, of course, being your mother. I’m a lucky one – my mom is awesome. And so are all of the mom’s around me! And this can propose a problem – namely on my wallet, which isn’t filled with indispensable income.

New forum for migratory species: Attachment

Love learning new information about migratory species? You’re not alone. A new online forum has been developed for conservationists to share information on migratory species in different regions and countries.