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Easy Spring soup side dishes: Attachment

Ham. Turkey. Green beans. Asparagus. Carrots. Sweet potatoes. All of them make their way into typical Easter fare. But as I sat down last week planning out my Easter menu, I thought of adding something a little different into the mix: a Spring-inspired soup.

Earth Day initiative from Rainforest Alliance: Attachment

Our friends at the Rainforest Alliance are the ultimate contenders in doing good for our Earth. From certifying farms with their Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, to helping students of all ages

Earth Day wrap up (plus top eco-kid books!): Attachment

We can only assume that you’re taking the time tomorrow to spread a little Earth Day cheer. Maybe you’re pledging to spend your day cleaning up a local park.

Not all sushi is created equal: Attachment

I was introduced to sushi sometime in the early 2000’s, probably at the advent of sushi restaurants popping up all over the place. Now sushi restaurants are as ubiquitous as hamburger fast food places.

Growth continues despite economy: Attachment

Our friends at The Rainforest Alliance are pleased to announce they are seeing continued growth in all of its sustainable forestry, agriculture, tourism and climate programs, regardless of the current economic situation.

Easy eco-changes: Attachment

If you haven’t taken some simple steps to live a little greener, it’s never too late to start. And with Earth Day just around the bend, it’s the perfect time to connect a little closer to our planet.

Fast, Fresh & Green (and tasty!): Attachment

Who doesn’t love fresh, vibrant food filling their plate? An abundance of produce growing in their gardens? The sweet smell of local markets taking advantage of the spring soil?

Rainforest Alliance certifies Massachusetts conservation group: Attachment

Recently private forest owners within the state of Massachusetts have requested and received Forest Stewardship Council certification for their conservation land.  This just adds to the growing trend of folks searching for a FSC certification.

Popular in design: nature themes: Attachment

Everywhere you look, nature-inspiration is cropping up everywhere. More and more clothes are made out of sustainable materials, such as hemp. Kitchen stores are stocked full of bamboo cutting boards.

“How to lose weight organically” … really?: Attachment

It seems like if you slap the word “organic” on anything these days, it sells. Don’t organic clothes sound better than regular clothes? Organic apples taste better than regular apples?