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First African carbon project complies with standards: Attachment

The Rainforest Alliance has validated the first carbon project in Africa against the 2008 version of the Plan Vivo Standard for community-led land-use carbon projects.

Earth Hour 2010 – what did you do?: Attachment

Sydney, Australia was home to the first Earth Hour in 2007. On that day, 2.2 million homes and businesses across the city turned out their lights for one hour – a stand against climate change. A year later, Earth Hour went global. And we want to know – how did you take part?

Top organic Easter treats: Attachment

There are plenty of ways to have a more eco-friendly Easter this year. Opting for reusable bags instead of wasteful one-time-use Easter baskets, swapping shredded recycled paper for plastic Easter grass,

Tips for greening your Spring cleaning: Attachment

Turning your house into tip-top shape for the Spring doesn’t need to leave it reeking of chemicals and detergents. Here are five ways to do your top-to-bottom tidying with items from around the house.

Vegan St. Patrick’s Day recipes: Attachment

Sure, the Irish-inspired diet doesn’t really run synonymously with green. With visions of heavy beef stews, beer-laden dishes, and corned beef springing to mind, neither does the word vegan.

Starbucks launches Shared Planet: Attachment

While on a coffee run I noticed, as I stood by the counter awaiting my Grande Vanilla Latte, that many coffee-goers were taking trays which are intended to provide convenience to those customers ordering more than two drinks. 

Supporting the NoMix toilet: Attachment

Seven European countries are going a little greener in their bathrooms, with a new eco-friendly toilet that is set to reduce pollution, conserve water, and maintain nutrients. The “NoMix” toilet has been brought to centre stage.

Why avoid bottled water?: Attachment

Bottled water has been under scrutiny for its health conscious claims due to emerging clinical data that reveals the contrary. Bottled water also poses a wide range of health and environmental problems

Recipe: Mushroom Stew with Kale and Brown Rice: Attachment

Despite Spring being in the air, we seem to have a few chilly days still emerging for the opportunity to highlight winter produce in our meals.