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Six quick, vegan soups to satisfy: Attachment

We are in dire need of a Winter warm-up. Well, we are here, at least, when we were blasted with loads of snow yesterday, continuing to the present moment as I type.

Organic milk: now more organic: Attachment

Rules have been finally been clarified for organic milk farmers and their green, grassy pastures. Since 2000, the Organic Consumers Association has been battling for clearer guidelines – and they’ve finally been made.

Eco-travel in Central America: Attachment

I have traveled around Central America over the past few years and have found that when it comes to eco travel, Costa Rica and Nicaragua have the best bang for your buck.

Tetley tea committed to RA Certified tea by 2016: Attachment

We love tea. So when our friends at the Rainforest Alliance told us that Tetley tea has committed to buying all of their tea from only Rainforest Alliance Certified farms by the year 2016, we were pleased to share the news.

Be Love winner announced!: Attachment

We recently stumbled upon Be Love Eco Apparel, a company driven by what they refer to as “destiny”. Founded by KamGi Chak and Kyle Finch, they are committed to spreading the word about non-violence through their gorgeous, green clothing line.

Don’t take this lying down: Attachment

On a recent shopping trip I got to thinking about how much of an impact newly purchased items have on our environment. Just look around your home and assess all the new things you have bought in the past year.

Cranberry-Pear Crumble Tarts: Attachment

Cranberries and pears are highlighted this time of year, and we recommend taking advantage of their bounty. Try them in this easy dessert with a flaky vegan pastry sure to please everyone!

Top four eco-Valentine gift ideas for him: Attachment

After our installment of the top eco-friendly Valentine’s Day picks for the women on your list, here’s our follow-up for what to buy for your man – and keeping it green – this love-filled holiday.

Top four eco-Valentine gift ideas for her: Attachment

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d spread the love with our top gift picks for the special girl on your list. The best part? They’re eco-friendly, too.

Soak those skivvies!: Attachment

Hand washing your undergarments and frilly things is such a pain when you’ve already dealt with the washing machine, timed the dryer, geared up the ironing board, and folded all your clothing back into its drawers,