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Visit the Guelph Organic Conference: Attachment

Later this week, the small city of Guelph, Ontario, will be hosting their 29th annual Guelph Organic Conference. Organized and promoted non-profit  ‘Organic Food Conferences Canada’ (OFCC), this conference will tackle everything from organic living to building to industrializing.

5 healthy eco-Widgets & -WebTools: Attachment

Green is such a diverse industry with many niches within the niche – carbon footprints, eco-travel, fair trade, clean energy, pollution, green investing, and recycling – to name a few. Let’s pay homage to the underrepresented aspect of eco-friendly that is directly linked to

Carbon uptake lessened by climate change: Attachment

A new study shows that despite what we’ve learned in the past, an increasingly warmer climate allows for less absorption of carbon dioxide by subalpine forests.

Harvest Salad (raw, vegan, gluten-free): Attachment

We absolutely love raw vegan cuisine, especially when its made by author Jennifer Cornbleet. We’ve reviewed two of her books:  Raw Food Made Easy and Raw for Dessert… Both of which we highly recommend for quick, easy and delicious raw vegan dishes.

New Whole Foods initiative: “This is my year to…”: Attachment

Whether you do it big or keep it small, making a difference can have an impact on any level. That’s why when I read about a new initiative from Whole Foods Market, I definitely wanted to spread the word.

From grey to green – 12 ways in Taiwan‏: Attachment

Taiwan’s not all sky-skimming building, neon night markets and honking traffic. Escape the concrete jungle of Taipei and explore her astonishing landscapes, wildlife and tribal cultures.

More lutein in my broccoli, please: Attachment

Carotenoids are the fat-soluble plant compounds found in many vegetables. They are the most important source of vitamin A,  a valuable antioxidant essential to our health.

Travelling & climate change: who does what?: Attachment

The Copenhagen summit on climate change is here and even if the omens appear to be pessimistic, we still have to expect the best… But we should prepare for the worst.