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How to build a worm composting bin: Attachment

Ever wanted to build your own composting bin? What about a worm-based composting bin? Never heard of it? It’s time you had.


Although in Spanish, this video is a great pictorial on animal consumption and the environment, outlining the benefits and affects of vegetarian diets and the planet.

Shoo-foo bamboo towels: Attachment

We love bamboo and it’s irresistible softness, durability and absorption properties. But what we love most is it’s environment-loving sustainability. And with companies like Shoo-foo, it makes it easy to enjoy this renewable resource.

Aquaponics 101: Attachment

Ever heard of Aquaponics? It’s a new approach to food production that focuses on cultivating plants and fish in a single, symbiotic relationship.

Tony Gonzalez’s vegan smoothie: Attachment

Football is manly. Really, it is. But veganism? Many people don’t think this is the most male-driven cuisine. However, some folks would disagree.

Know your seasonal produce: Winter Squash: Attachment

Squash, ah yes, the essence of winter cuisine. But how well do we really know our winter delicacy?

Antarctica, Greenland endure runaway melt: Attachment

A new study has found runaway melt at many coastal glaciers, including ones along the coastlines of Antarctica and Greenland.

ecoki iPhone app: updates coming soon!: Attachment

With the success of our ecoki iPhone app (get it here:, we’ve decided to put it under some renovations to make it even better!

Oktoberfest Recipe: Sweet & Sour Sauerkraut with Tofu Schnitzel: Attachment

Just around the bend is Oktoberfest, a sixteen-day annual festival held in Munich, Germany. As one of the most famous events in Germany

Recycled fridges support organic milk: Attachment

What to do when you have several old fridges and nowhere to put them? Make up a monument to resemble Stonehenge, of course.