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Organic: good for your health, bad for the economy: Attachment

With the current recession, we’ve seen a growth in prices in everything from fuel to food. While most families and individuals are trying to save where they can, not all businesses and organizations can follow suit.

CONTEST! Win an Endangered Couture tee!: Attachment

You could win an Endangered Couture tee-shirt! With a little wit and creativity, we are looking for the best slogan to put alongside their clever quotes that adorn their animal-loving collection.

Reebok’s eco-friendly Stanley Cup Championship tee: Attachment

The National Hockey League reported on Friday that Reebok announced that the t-shirts worn by the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions post-win will be made from organic cotton.

One diaper for three years? Easy, with Fuzzibunz.: Attachment

I’m a new aunt, and I can’t get enough of my nephew. It’s hard to not love every little inch of him, regardless if he’s giggling and smiling or pooping and peeing.

Rainforest Alliance chooses Kleinhans Fellowship recipient: Attachment

Ecoki would like to congratulate  Tarin Toledo Aveces, the recipient of a two-year Kleinhans Fellowship from The Rainforest Alliance! With a mission to create a management plan for sustainably harvesting bromeliads in Mexico, this will help support research for his goal

The eco-ethical entrepreneurship trend, part II: Attachment

If you haven’t already, check out the first installment of The eco-ethical entrepreneurship trend, then read on! Eco-ethical entrepreneurs are everywhere; most can be found with a simple search on the Internet

Make your runs a little greener: Attachment

Share a passion for the environment as well as running? You’re not alone. Regardless if you’re sprinting towards sustainability or jogging while keeping it green, The Greenteam is a great online resource for runners who pound the pavement with the planet in mind.

Water you really drinking?: Attachment

Bottled water vs. tap water. The choice may not seem as important as hybrid vs. SUV or even incandescent vs. CFL, but there are few decisions we face as frequently as the choice in drinking water.

Artificial sweeteners put to good use: Attachment

We hear the countless speculations that artificial sweeteners may have a negative effect on our health, but the news isn’t so sweet for the environment either. In turn, this might be the answer scientists are looking for.

The eco-ethical entrepreneurship trend, part I: Attachment

A Native American proverb states, “When all resources, food, wildlife, trees, fuel, are destroyed; man will not be able to eat money.” Today, an increasing amount of individuals are unable to ignore