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Other eco-volunteer opportunities: Attachment

We already told you about GoEco, a sustainable business that connects adventurers with volunteerism, in our article Global eco-volunteerism with GoEco .

Find a place to stay with a Green Key Eco-Rating: Attachment

Looking for a place to stay for your next trip within Canada? The Hotel Association of Canada has developed a Green Key Eco-Rating Program that can give you advice on where you can sustainable stay on your next trip.

Realistic rowing machines mimic the real thing: Attachment

Reducing the use of energy-draining exercise equipment is an excellent way to move towards eco-exercise. But it doesn’t have to be equipment free. In fact, it can even double as an attractive addition to your home.


With 152 deaths in Mexico and 73 confirmed cases worldwide (and counting), concern over the outbreak of swine flu is mounting quickly.

Summer treats are a way for getting your greens: Attachment

We love leafy greens, and bask in them often (check out Greening your smoothie (literally!) and Don’t leave leafy greens behind). Not only are they delicious, but nutritious, too, and a gift that grows from our gardens.

At last: sweet and seedless: Attachment

Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur or a novice with a kitchen knife, de-seeding a tomato is never on our list of priorities. But when we skip this step, our concoction is corroded with a sea of seeds.

Ready to ride and spread the sustainable word: Attachment

Editor’s note: Our latest author is Josh, here to keep us updated as he bikes 2,000 kilometres across Canada’s Prairies – nary food or a dime to his name, and keeping it 100% sustainable.

All-natural makeup from Pür Minerals: Attachment

Awhile ago we published an article about Skin Deep, an online database giving you the details about what is exactly in your products. (Read our article Chemicals in your cosmetics, and check out the database here:

Get smart and save with ecobee: Attachment

Interested in conserving energy? Seems like  a common theme these days, whether it’s to reduce your environmental impact or save money, more homes are keeping tabs on the energy their home consumes.

USDA launches first survey for organic farmers: Attachment

The USDA is set to launch it’s first-ever survey of organic farming across the United States to explore organic farming and its relationship with U.S. agriculture.