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Lack of vitamin D linked to teenage obesity: Attachment

We recently explained to you the benefits of vitamin D in our article Nature’s vitamin: D . This vitamin which stems from the sunshine has been linked to reducing the risk of many cancers, age related cognitive decline, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Who says sustainable living can’t be fun?: Attachment

As summer comes rolling around the bend, young and old alike start to get a little bit stir crazy.  When the days start getting longer, and the air just a bit warmer, what better way to spend your time than to plan for some summer fun – sustainable summer fun, that is.

Plastic bottle boat ready to set sail: Attachment

There are some things that folks choose to do for fun (like sailing around the cottage lake on a homemade wooden raft). Then are are some things done to make a point.

An eco(-ish) take on fur fashion: Attachment

The days are longer, the temperature is finally above zero, and outside my busy downtown Toronto window I hear the faint sounds of birds other than pigeons calling out that spring has arrived.

Earth Hour alert! (We want your stories!): Attachment

If you don’t know what Earth Hour is, you’re obviously (not) in the dark. Learn more about it here! Our Kiva Ecoki Team has raised almost $5,000.00 USD in the first two days!  We can’t thank the donor(s) enough!

Are you healthier for eating organic?: Attachment

We often touch on organic food, here at ecoki. We’ve discussed the benefits of enjoying a low-carbon diet, in our articles How low can you go? and Low-Carbon cooking.

Toronto City Hall: truly green?: Attachment

When the white tents were erected at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto for the biannual Toronto Fashion Week, an insider to the runway room is guaranteed to see hundreds of guests on a daily basis

Global eco-volunteerism with GoEco: Attachment

Opting to volunteer while seeing the world is not only a more sustainable way to travel, but a unique look at the world through new eyes. Whether you’re used to taking a cruise, having fun at a theme park,

Stainless steel, non-toxic lifestyle bottles from Sigg: Attachment
Gourmet Getaway reusable lunch totes from Built NY: Attachment