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Reduce waste for better living: Attachment

As a former country resident, growing up in the middle of nowhere in Ontario for my first seventeen years of life, and now a current urbanite in the City of Toronto, I have always had

Add to One Million Acts of Green: Attachment

If you’re Canadian, more than likely you’re in tune to some version of the CBC and familiar with George Stoumboulopoulos and The Hour. If not, acquaint yourself: In partnership with Cisco, they’ve launched One Million Acts of Green

We’re cool… Are you?: Attachment

Looking out the window, the sun shines, the grass is a vibrant green, and birds are singing sweetly in the air. Buds begin to bloom the the trees, and budging open the window, a warm breeze fills the room.

Low-Carbon Cooking: Attachment

Regardless of it’s faddy moniker, the newest in “diets” is doable and sustainable. The Low-Carbon diet is making it’s way into more and more kitchens.

Makeshift Muskoka chairs: Attachment

Summers spent in Muskoka results in a pile of memories that dance around water skiing, playing in (clear) lakes, fishing (and throwing them back), and roasting various frankenfoods (hot dogs, marshmallows) over a roaring fire pit.

Going gas-free when it comes to your lawn: Attachment

Ah, yes, the sweet summer solace. Slathered with sunblock, you head out to your backyard retreat, a hammock swinging lazily in the breeze beckoning for you to draw near.

Bicycle parking solved… in Japan: Attachment

It’s not surprising that in a country filled with millions of individuals who prefer getting from A to B via foot or bicycle, that they’d develop an innovative solution for parking bicycles.

Interior Design Show’s sustainable designs: Attachment

From salvaged trees transformed into dining tables, to recycled glass reinvented into flooring, the recent Interior Design Show in Toronto highlighted some innovative designs developed into functional home furnishing.

Green comet: coming to an Earth near you: Attachment

On February 24th, 2009, the greenest of comets makes its closest approach to Earth. Head out to the country that evening, as the dark skies will more than likely allow for a glimpse of this glowing green gas/grain combo.

Bounty for your babe: Attachment

If you are a new parent or parent-to-be, chances are that the anticipation and excitement of your new bundle is the only thing on your mind. You have visions of them as a football star, the next political leader, or a world renowned musical artist. And, of course, you just want them to be healthy.